Official 2016 Cohort Default Rates

On September 23, 2019  the Department of Education released FY2016 OFFICIAL 3-year Cohort Default Rates for all eligible schools.  The 2016 cohort consists of borrowers who entered repayment on FFELP or FDLP Stafford loans during FY2016 (between 01Oct2015 and 30Sept2016).  Any of these borrowers who defaulted before 30Sept2018 will contribute to their school’s 3-year CDR.

These official rates will be published and made available to the public. Official rates can be found here by searching for OPE-ID or school name.

Additional information on the release can be found in this announcement and press release:

Department of Education OFFICIAL 2016 CDR Announcement

National Default Rate Briefing for FY 2016 official cohort default rates

Retrieving your Rate

All schools enrolled in the Electronic Cohort Default Rate (eCDR) process will automatically receive their Cohort Default Rates and accompanying documentation via their Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) mailbox. Your cohort default rate is found on the first page of the Cover Letter.

Note:  We encourage any school not already signed up for the eCDR process to do so by completing the enrollment form on the SAIG Enrollment Web site.

Any school not enrolled in the eCDR process may view their Cohort Default Rates from the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) via the  NSLDS Professional Access Web site.  They may also manually request the accompanying documentation (aka Loan Record Detail Reports). Instructions for requesting and retrieving LRDRs can be found here.

Pantheon requests/retrieves data, letters and reports related to all CDRs for our clients via NSLDS as it becomes available.

Again:  We strongly encourage any school not already signed up for the eCDR process to do so by completing the enrollment process on the SAIG Enrollment Web site.  If you are unsure of your enrollment status, click here.

CDR Guide

On November 22, 2011, the Department of Education released an updated version of the Cohort Default Rate Guide.   The new guide incorporates changes for the transition to the 3-year default period and includes information on electronic cohort default rate (eCDR) appeals.

Click the links below for the official announcement and PDF versions of the guide.